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Good old fashioned storytelling with a devious twist. We ask six storytellers to tell a story from their lives based on a theme we’ve given them. However, one of the storytellers is lying through their pretty little teeth.

Why the lie?  Oh man, we have a lot of great English Major-type answers for this one!   Stuff about the fraudulent nature of the “truth” and how including a lie causes the audience to engage with the storyteller in an interesting way, so that they in turn ask themselves questions about truth and fiction and entertainment.  But we won’t bore you. Basically, we think it’s fun and it’s cool. And it is. So there.

How did it all get started? It all started in the tiny living room of Co-Creators (and husband and wife) Brian D. Bradley and Audrey Kearns in 2010.  We asked six friends to come up with a story on a theme and then, secretly, asked one of them to lie. Then we bought a bunch of wine and snacks and invited about 20 other friends to gather in front of our fireplace to listen.  With everyone seated on couches, kitchen chairs and pillows on the floor we listened and the result was something funny, touching, intimate and, simply, joyful. Folks asked us to do it again and we’ve been doing it ever since. Just not in our living room… like we said, it’s tiny.

Is “5 Truths” a live show or a podcast? It’s both.  “5 Truths and A Lie” consists of live storytelling events held at various locations in Los Angeles.  The events are invitation only and have included storytellers from film, television and media. You can get on the invite list here.  Each event is recorded for our podcast or you can download individual truths and lies with our “5 Truths Singles”.

Where is this going?  In the coming year we plan to increase the number of shows we can produce and to attempt “sight specific” performances where the stories are told at a location that relates to the theme. We also hope to increase the diversity of our storytellers as well, including people from the worlds of science, politics and beyond.  Ultimately though, we’d like to see “5 Truths and A Lie” blossom into a television or radio format so that we might increase the scope of our awesomeness.



Audrey Audrey KearnsWhen Audrey was in college she took a writing class. Her professor wrote on one her papers, “Don’t stop writing. Keep writing. KEEP WRITING!!!” Faced with this praise, she promptly stopped writing. She did, however, for the next 10 years, act at many theatres and theme parks in Orlando, Florida. She even had a wildly successful theatre company (Discount Comedy Outlet). Now, after a decade, Audrey’s found herself in Los Angeles finally writing again, still acting and trying to figure out how to choreograph a laser fight on stage.  She’s the co-creator of 5 Truths and a Lie and is sure that it will take over the liberal, sandal-wearing, green tea-sipping podcast market. She has her own website, Long Cool Woman with Big Feet where she shares her musings, her thoughts and her stories. She really hates it when people use the word musings.Follow Audrey on Twitter Twitter
Brian Brian BradleyBrian Bradley started writing because he couldn’t draw. At first he wanted to be a poet, but he quickly discovered that poems are pretty difficult. Next he tried writing dramatic stage plays, but the results were kind of embarrassing.  Finally he gave up and started writing comedy. He’s not really very good at that either, but the only thing left was ad copy and even he wasn’t willing to sink that low.  He currently makes his living as a television writer in Hollywood and he still can’t draw. Follow Brian on Twitter Twitter